Heya guys!

Here I'll explain how to connect to a specific server instead of jumping to it via the hub.

If you jump via the hub you might have some issues with thaumcraft and such so I suggest using these IP's to direct connect.

Both servers are on version 2.6.0 while Inventions is on 1.0.2 and Project Ozone 2 is on version 2.2.5 .

Evolved.BacoNetworks.com = Infinity Evolved Expert Mode

Inf.BacoNetworks.com = Infinity Evolved Normal Mode

oz2.BacoNetworks.com = Project Ozone 2

Inv.BacoNetworks.com = Inventions

Play.BacoNetworks.com = BungeeCord IP

Hub.BacoNetworks.com = The Hub Server

Click on me for the invite = Discord Server

Keep on frying Bacon Brigade!

- Kristjan

VampireChampXX12 the ips don't work for direct connect at least two i used
VampireChampXX12 whats the name on these should i know lol i'm one of those 66 new players?